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In case you guys are wondering about my last journal...I royally screwed myself over :X Because I downloaded the Master Quest and Twilight Princess packs in Hyrule Warriors first, I'm unable to get the Hero of Hyrule pack. Even since I deleted all my DLC and Updates for the game, the info and data stayed in the system's hard drive, thus I still had that message in the eShop about how I couldn't buy the season pass because I still had content.

The least Nintendo could do is tell people about stuff like this. That, and make everything their games have to offer available to EVERYONE. But...I can live with it. It's not like it's required for 100%, anyway... It better not be :evileye:

Now for more recent news. I recently read :icontaytotott:'s journal; it was very uplifting and very thought provoking, as it got me thinking...

Why is there so much hate and negativity, especially on the internet? Why do people keep saying things to bring people down, like 'you're not special', or 'you're not unique', or 'you're not a special snowflake'... Does it really make people feel good to make others feel like nothing? Like their worthless? I don't understand that. I don't think I want to understand that.

Every single snowflake is differently shaped, just like every person's DNA is made differently. Snowflakes are also white, and on the inside, everyone is the same color. So, in a sense, every person on Earth is kind of like a unique snowflake, in their own special way.

Her journal also got me thinking on other things. I'll explain one...
I think a couple of years ago, I mentioned that Astral Cross was going to be a trilogy. I had already written out some of the second part, and almost half of the third part. Fast forward to around this year, I was brainstorming different ideas about the next two parts. I'm drawing out my latest brainstorm in comic form to see how it looks. I can't say what because it's WAY too early. Plus, it's something I want to do right now. Which brings me to this...
I tell myself every day not to care about what others think of my drawings (to a degree), but then I admit, when it comes to submitting something here to DA, I get rather hesitant about what I post. There are artists here who post whatever they want, and get praised for it by their followers. Mostly because their work is really, really good. I know I'm not going to get that praise because my work is nowhere near as good as theirs. Plus, it's not what they want or like. That hesitation flowed over to the real world; I was afraid to draw what I want because I didn't want to deal with flack. Oh, I'm not talking about Astral Cross, I'm talking about other stuff. Like, for example, certain pairings that I like. I still want to draw them, but then I'll start criticizing myself before I even start...

Will it look good?
Will it look right?
I'm not good at couple poses, so can this work?
Will the movements flow?

But the basis of all of that is 'someone is going to give me flack because it's not what they want'. Even worse, because I'm not as good as the artists here who are actually better than me, they'll use that as an excuse or a basis to give me flack.

Well...screw that. And screw those type of people. Right now, I'm drawing what I want, and IT. FEELS. GOOD!!! It's like I'm getting a sense of freedom! :happybounce: Plus, I'm making myself add more detail to the sketches and pencil work. :iconaenaluck: has absolutely fantastic work on her page, and when she posts her stuff, besides admiring her work with a slap-jaw, I actually study the detail and wonder how she was able to pull if off. I want to be that good one day, so right now, I'm drawing whatever the heck I want and teaching myself how to draw more stuff and draw better.

And I'm having FUN!!! :excited:Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ :Bummies:  :bouncyhai: Omg I gets present 

So to anyone who feels the same way about others giving you flack about you drawing what heck the want, do it anyway. Because they can't tell you what to draw, write, paint, sketch, craft, etc. You're not here to please them. It's still intimidating, I know, believe me, but if you pick up your pencil and just do it, I can almost guarantee that annoying, criticizing voice in your head will shut up. And the voice that will encourage you will take over.

Stay gold, everybody!! :deviants: 


Shh! Not while I'm gaming!
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